Whose lap is your child sitting on?

We have documented an entire year in the lives of four real bearded professional Santa Clauses and one notable rookie to discover what the year is like for a man who perpetually looks like Jolly Saint Nick. In the process, they are shown for who they actually are: flawed, flesh and blood men who feel an overbearing responsibility to protect the integrity of the spotless, untarnished reputation of the 'Red Suit.' 'I Am Santa Claus' is a documentary that poses a question about a ubiquitous holiday figure that few parents ever ask themselves; 'Whose lap is my child sitting on?'


Meet the Santas

Santa Mick Foley

Santa Mick Foley a former three time World Wrestling Entertainment Heavyweight Champion, a New York Times Best Seller, and Big Time Christmas enthusiast. Mick has written Christmas Children’s Books, portrayed as Santa for the WWE, even has his basement decked out in Christmas decorations all year. Mick has always been Santa Mick but never Santa Claus. This year Mick took the steps he needed to take the job, and the transition very very seriously.

Santa Russell Spice

Santa Russell Spice is divorced, down on his luck, and been unemployed for years. The loss of his Michigan home has forced him to move in with his daughter and two grandchildren. He admits that portraying Santa has helped lift him out of his depression.

Santa Bob Gerardi

Santa Bob Gerardi works as a real estate agent in southern California. He also has as a successful career as a 'Mall Santa.' When he's not working as Santa, Bob enjoys singing with his church and assisting the Easter Bunny in the spring.

Santa Frank Pascuzzi

Santa Frank Pascuzzi has a thick Long Island accent, is covered in tattoos and dreams of starting his own BBQ business. Portraying Santa is everything to him, so much so that he legally changed his name to Santa Claus.

Santa Jim Stevenson

Santa Jim Stevenson resides in Ft. Worth, TX and is the proud winner of 'Mr. Texas Bear Round-Up,' the largest gathering of hairy homosexual men in the country. He is in a relationship with a Denver Colorado man 30 years his junior whom he calls 'his special elf.

About The Movie

Our journey with the Santas began in 2011 with a Kickstarter campaign that enabled us to raise the funds needed to start production. With that initial boost, we traveled to 19 different states, many times sleeping in airports, documenting the interesting and sometimes unusual backstories of the many different Santas featured in the film. We reveal who these men behind the beard are in their everyday lives and focus on the one trait they all have in common - bringing joy to children.

In May of 2014, a distribution deal with Virgil Films was made for I Am Santa Claus with producer Morgan Spurlock. The film premiered at the Hollywood Film Festival in October 2014 and was released in theaters November that same year.

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The Filmmakers

Tommy Avallone [Director]

Tommy Avallone is an independent film producer with films distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment and Kevin Smith’s Movie Club. At 20 years old he appeared on CNN when he ran for mayor of his hometown of Haddon Heights, NJ. In 2004, he raised $10,000 for the American Cancer Association for participating in growing his beard for one year for the non-profit, Beards for Cancer. Recently Tommy became an Honorary Member of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas and has an associates degree in SantaClausology. Tommy's directorial debut was in 2009 with the film 'Community College', 'I Am Santa Claus' marks his return to directing and he is glad to be back.

Mick Foley [Producer]

One of the WWE’s biggest superstars, Mick Foley earned the nickname ‘The Hardcore Legend’ for some of the most dramatic matches in sports-entertainment history. As Mankind, Foley was a 3-time WWE Champion, but is best known for his epic and brutal battle with The Undertaker in 1998’s ‘Hell in a Cell’ match, during which he was knocked unconscious after falls both off of and through the 16 foot Cell structure. With retirement looming as a result of that physically demanding style, Foley penned his own memoir, ‘Have a Nice Day’, hitting number one on The New York Times best-seller list in October, 1999. Since then, Foley has published a total of ten books; four memoirs, four children’s books and two novels. Foley’s acting credentials include ’30 Rock’, ‘Warren the Ape’, Now and Again’, ‘G vs E’ and ‘Boy Meets World’ and he was featured in the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Beyond the Mat’. With his New York Times best sellers and successful speeches at several universities, Foley decided to take his skills to the stand-up comedy stage in 2009 and was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Morgan Spurlock [Executive Producer]

Morgan Spurlock is an American documentary filmmaker, humorist, television producer, screenwriter, and political activist, best known for the documentary films Super Size Me, Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?, Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Comic-Episode IV: A Fan's Hope andOne Direction: This is Us. Spurlock was the executive producer and star of the reality television series 30 Days. On June 2013, he became host and producer of the CNN show 'Inside Man'.

Derek Lindeman [Producer]

Derek Lindeman has been an active member of Philadelphia's budding independent film scene since 2007 when he wrote and produced the ultra-low budget comedy 'Bad for Business,' which resulted in a 100 screen nationwide theatrical release after a successful festival run. Derek next made his directorial debut with ‘Miss December’, winning various awards at Hoboken International, Woods Hole, and FirstGlance Film Festivals, later gaining distribution through Kevin Smith’s Movie Club. His most recent productions include ‘Mancation’ released through Lionsgate Home Entertainment and ‘I Am Santa Claus’ debuting in theaters through Virgil Films this November.

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